About Us

TAXI2KLIA.NET Are Established Since 2008. Providing Trusted, Honest, Punctuality & Experienced Driver To All Our Customers. We Deliver What We Promise And Always Ensure Our Customers Comfort & Safety While Travelling With Us. With Variety Of Transport Type, We Can Full Fill Any Requirement From Our Customers. Our Specialization On Airport Transfer | Out Station | Tour Service.

Contact Our Hotline No @ +60128844485 And We Will Assist You 24/7.


We are a group of taxi driver that licensed operated in klang valley area. Our taxi are using meter that been approved by SPAD ( Land Public Transport Commission )and checked by PUSPAKOM ( Malaysia Computerized Vehicle Inspection ) for every 6 Month to ensure that our meter are operated legally.

Our taxi fare are charged by nett price. Most of the charges are lesser than metered. To ensure that our airport taxi service are the best, we select our driver by few criteria :-

  • Driving experience
  • Cleanliness 
  • Punctuality
  • Taxi condition 

We don't want you to face any difficulty while travel with us. 


Have u ever call a taxi company & suddenly no taxi arrive at your house ? Even worse the company operator didn't give a call at all to inform u that there is no taxi available. 
Have u ever flag a cab and & apparently no cab stopped / no cab at all at your neighborhood, the worse part is, it was raining and u need urgent Airport Transfer.
Have u ever used / installed an taxi apps ? Suddenly the time u requested, the apps under maintenance ( its happen on 18/4/2014 @ 4am ). The customer are rushing to the Airport and this is happening. Some more u got various taxi driver and unknown taxi condition.   

Our concept is to take earlier booking ( at least 3 hours before departure ). Most of our driver are selected from the best among the best.
We don't want u to wait for us, let us wait for u and u don't have come to us, let us come to u. 
We will provide our driver details to u, so that u can contact them for any changes of booking.

We are professionals, Our Words Is A Promise.

Our driver made ​​up of young people who experienced more than 5 years driving on the road, to ensure the safety of our passengers, our taxi will be examined every 6 months by PUSPAKOM to ensure that the vehicles we use are safe for passengers. 

Cleanliness & comfort is our goal at work, so the only vehicle that qualified only we choose to be our members.

90% of the vehicles we offered is equipped with the GPS (Global Positioning System) which will enable us to find the direction to the exact location you want. 10% is the driver has over 5 years experienced driving a taxi and find the address, so our customers do not have to worry about the error & lost. We will always use the fastest way for our customers and clients will be given options before we move on.

We only provide the best service for our customers and ensure that we produce what customers value for money with the service offered.